Mona Lisa Escape

You are a very rich successful billionaire that is amused by stealing priceless artwork.
You have your eye on the most well known painting of all time, The Mona Lisa

Crown Jewel Escape - Coming Soon!

You want to score the biggest heist in history! Your target is the Queen's Crown Jewels!
Will you navigate through the mind trapping obstacles to escape the room with the Jewels?

Imperial Coronation Egg Escape - Coming Soon!

The Night Fox, a master thief has challenged you to a contest for who is the worlds best thief.
The target is a Faberge Imperial Coronation Egg!

St. Augustine's Escape Room!

"Grande Royal Escape is an adventure room with clues scattered throughout that will aid you in a masterful escape! Escape games are sweeping the States filled with thrills, team-building, and mind trapping experiences! After entering a room the door is locked, 60 minutes is on the clock! You and your team must maneuver through the mind-trapping obstacles to escape the room. You must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to become Master Thief's! This experience is part scavenger hunt, and part puzzle solving. Only 20% of teams will become members of the royal elite, and escape the room!"



113 King Street Saint Augustine, FL 32084


Clues are hidden throughout the room, 60 minutes on the clock!



Scavenger hunt in progress! Find everything!